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Sugarfin is an integrated public relations and marketing firm based in Charlotte, NC.

By integrated, we mean that we are of the persuasion that PR and marketing work best as a cocktail, uniquely blended together to fit your company's specific needs, personality and budget.

We offer strategy and solutions that help you achieve your sales goals, increase the footprint of your company's positive image, and blow ROI out of the water.

Projects like our sales tool development, social media setup, or website design provide the immediate boost your marketing efforts need now. When you need smart ideas and big results, our strategy can be as targeted as a social media or lead development campaign and as all-encompassing as a holistic PR and marketing plan.

Sugarfin is different from other firms.

While traditional marketing and public relations still play a big role in what we do for you, we keep our strategies cognizant of new media- the constantly evolving results of the shift to online, social mediums of conversation. Accompanying our emphasis on new media is a freshness and ingenuity in everything we do, because we believe that if you cant be heard over the white noise, you probably shouldn’t be talking.

We aren't stuck on conventional tactics, and we don’t have a standard game plan that we simply modify for new clients- this gives us the space to be creative, innovative, and truly effective in addressing your unique needs.

Sure, we're sweet (its the sugar that helps us talk our way into your customers' hearts), but the defining personality trait of Sugarfin sharks is the hunger. Hunger to be creative; do incredible work; make clients the happiest people in the world; and get real, measurable results. It keeps us working hard and voraciously learning.

That hunger is what we are talking about when we say we have our fins up. We are predators for your business, always on the prowl for new ways to take you fearlessly into new challenges and opportunities. Like sharks, we are smart, fearless, and economic in the way we hunt- no wasted time or energy here.

So, do you want the hunger on your team? If so, we can’t wait to meet you.